• Politics and Policy

    Does Australia need a human rights act?

    Open Forum |  June 14, 2024

    Australia is the only Western democracy that doesn’t have a national Human Rights Act, but this may be about to change.

  • Cybersecurity


    Sascha-Dominik Dov Bachmann |  June 14, 2024

    Malicious cyber actors are continuously targeting critical Australian infrastructure, and, unfortunately, they seem to be successful. According to a recent commercial cyber security report, Australia is the tenth most targeted country for phishing attacks.

  • Culture

    A curious mind

    Matthew Sharpe |  June 14, 2024

    Michel de Montaigne was perhaps the first, and is certainly the greatest, essayist of all. Rather than contemplate the mysteries of the universe, he turned his attention to the human condition, and so remains as pertinent today as he was almost half a millennium ago.

Latest Story

  • To do or not to do, that is the question

    Kim Caudwell     |      June 13, 2024

    What’s the best way to get things done and achieve our goals when time is short and other tasks are pressing?

  • Another Earth

    Open Forum     |      June 13, 2024

    A new digital tool – The Digital Twin Earth Hydrology Platform – combines new high-resolution satellite observations and cutting-edge modeling to build a test environment for our planet.

  • Nitrous oxide emissions up 40% in 40 years

    Open Forum     |      June 13, 2024

    Emissions of Nitrous Oxide, one of the three key greenhouse gases, have increased 40% over the last 40 years. N₂O can remain in the atmosphere for more than 100 years and it is also an ozone-depleting substance.

  • Boycott the boycott of Israeli universities

    Maarten Boudry     |      June 12, 2024

    Universities across the world are facing pressure to cut ties with Israeli institutions over the war in Gaza, but these calls misunderstand the current conflict and are part of a wider campaign to undermine Israel’s right to defend itself, and even exist.

  • A plea for progress on climate change

    Open Forum     |      June 12, 2024

    Australia’s slow and uneven progress towards reducing the emissions which drive climate change should prompt the nation’s leaders to adopt a bipartisan approach in the future.

  • Homes for heroes

    Keirin Joyce     |      June 12, 2024

    The Australian Defence Force needs bold, creative initiatives to attract and keep enough personnel to reach expansion targets, and making it easier for young service people to buy their own home could offer a major attraction.

  • Remembering Michael Mosley

    Kirsten Adlard     |      June 11, 2024

    The loss of English medical presenter Michael Mosley on a Greek island this week will be mourned by everyone who values evidence based science and medical education.

  • Our plastic oceans

    Open Forum     |      June 11, 2024

    New research from CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, and the University of Toronto in Canada, estimates up to 11 million tonnes of plastic pollution is sitting on the ocean floor.

  • The big freeze

    Karin Hammarberg     |      June 11, 2024

    Marketing may give the impression that egg-freezing is a ‘silver bullet’ for anyone wanting to delay their childbearing years, when in fact it’s expensive, invasive, and far from failsafe.

  • Happier children mean happier adults

    Lucy Grummitt     |      June 10, 2024

    A new study suggests it’s time the eradication of child maltreatment became a major public health priority to reduce the later toll of adult mental illness.

  • The evolving office

    Iva Durakovic     |      June 10, 2024

    Building the workplaces of the future means rethinking how office space is used and improving their flexibility both in terms of space and of working practices.

  • A “fair go” for all?

    Pandanus Petter     |      June 10, 2024

    Politicians and social activists of all stripes always frame their arguments in terms of giving Australians a “fair go”, but this famous Australian phrase has its roots in the field of sport, rather than politics.