• America

    A history of violence

    Lester Munson |  July 16, 2024

    Political assassination attempts are nothing new, and the bullet which almost took Donald Trump’s life could prove a turning point in the American election.

  • Politics and Policy

    CFMEU corruption is a problem for Labor

    Michelle Grattan |  July 16, 2024

    Channel Nine’s revelations of thuggery, kickbacks and the parachuting of senior bikie figures into lucrative union delegate roles on major Victorian construction projects has thrown the Construction Union into crisis.

  • Culture

    Blair Witch turns 25

    Adam Daniel |  July 16, 2024

    This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Blair Witch Project, a film that popularised the found-footage horror sub-genre, captivated a generation of horror fans and inspired a hundred copy-cats.

Latest Story

  • A toast to Pyrrho’s Hog

    Matthew Sharpe     |      July 15, 2024

    Montaigne was the first essayist, and perhaps the first modern philosopher, who used the different schools of post-platonic Greek thought to turn the lens of philosophy not on the world, but on himself.

  • Facing China together

    Andrew Forrest     |      July 15, 2024

    Australia’s leaders must be clear about the threat which an aggressive authoritarian China poses to the world, and the need for resolve in defending our freedom.

  • In praise of Stephen King

    Hannah Murray     |      July 15, 2024

    Stephen King has been pumping out horror fiction for over half a century, but Carrie, Pennywise and The Stand endure because his stories are grounded in an authentic depiction of modern suburbia.

  • Closing time

    Katie Miller     |      July 14, 2024

    Australian firms are going out of business at a rapid rate in a difficult economic environment.

  • Chatbots and kids

    Open Forum     |      July 14, 2024

    A new study proposes a framework for “Child Safe AI” following a string of recent incidents which have raised concerns about their interactions.

  • Australia’s economy strategy in Southeast Asia

    Teck Chi Wong     |      July 14, 2024

    Economic engagement was a key focus at the 2024 ASEAN-Australia Special Summit, and there has been some serious money being put on the table by the Australian Government to help “derisk” private sector investment in Southeast Asia.

  • The well of loneliness

    Carol Lefevre     |      July 13, 2024

    Loneliness is more than solitude, indeed we can be lonely surrounded by other people and feel lonelier than ever, but it can be a source of mental strength and creative inspiration as well as crushing psychological distress.

  • Enforcing foreign investment rules

    David Uren     |      July 13, 2024

    Treasury has stepped up enforcement of Australia’s foreign investment regime to find the right balance between protecting national interests and encouraging investment inflows.

  • Dialogue may not avert disaster

    Joe Keary     |      July 13, 2024

    China and Australia agreed last month to set up a new maritime affairs dialogue, but this is unlikely to lead to a reduction in the frequency of unsafe behaviour by the Chinese armed forces.

  • Australia’s anti-semitism envoy

    Dan Goodhardt     |      July 12, 2024

    The Albanese government has named Jewish lawyer and businesswoman Jillian Segal as the county’s first antisemitism special envoy.

  • Philanthropy can help Australia meet land protection targets

    James Fitzsimons     |      July 12, 2024

    Australia aims to protect 30 percent of its landscapes by 2030 and harnessing the power of philanthropy through government fund-matching initiatives could help achieve this ambitious target.

  • With a little help from our friends

    Theo Mendez     |      July 12, 2024

    The Albanese government wants Australia to revitalise the manufacturing sector, but that won’t be possible without closer cooperation with our trading partners, not least South Korea.